Jack Necklace -- Ruby
Jack Necklace -- Ruby
Jack Necklace -- Ruby

Jack Necklace -- Ruby

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I've been skiing the sagebrush sea this winter, out in the cold and wind and sunshine.  It's been exhilarating.  The snows have pushed game down out of the hills into easier country and I love to see the elk, mule deer and pronghorn outlined against the sky as I travel with a swish-swish-swish across the snow.  I also love to see the jackrabbits.  I catch a glimpse, here and there, of those lanky critters making their mad dashes between sagebrush, spooked by my sudden passing through, all ears and legs and bright eyes rushing through the sage on the way to safety.


I have loved starting a new year of work with these jackrabbits!  They are too much fun to make.  I have paired them with rubies atop heavy, milled ingots that are rugged with texture and organic in form.  These necklaces have a really lovely heft and presence to them.  I hope they become touchstone pieces for their wearers -- earthy, peaceful necklaces born of wide open spaces and stillness.

Chain length:  About 20 inches with my s-clasp closure.

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