Grounded Necklace -- Morrisonite
Grounded Necklace -- Morrisonite
Grounded Necklace -- Morrisonite

Grounded Necklace -- Morrisonite

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You know, it's a wicked tornado out there these days.  Nothing makes me sadder than watching the world tear itself to pieces.  When I feel like I'm drifting off into the miasma of chaos, I shut everything down, even if I have a million things to do, and I go outside and walk around barefoot beneath the trees or I ride a horse or I let my hair down in the wind and walk for a while...I get myself grounded and rooted down tightly into real reality and what is good and natural and abundant and plain and true.  I come back to Earth and so, I come back into myself.

One of the reasons I love to work with jasper is it seems to offer that same solid presence as having the earth beneath my feet and the sun on my face.  This is a gem that is simple and true.  Let jasper anchor you.

This necklace is composed of a whopping cut of Morrisonite Jasper in really fresh, tranquil green hues.  I've set it in textural sterling silver and jeweler's brass and strung it on a super burly chain. 

These are necklaces that offer a bit of shelter from the storm -- go out into it if and when you must, but keep your feet planted on firm ground and your head screwed on straight.

Pendant Dimensions: 2.5x1.5 inches

Length: About 31 inches with my heavy s-clasp.

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