Vocation Necklace
Vocation Necklace
Vocation Necklace
Vocation Necklace
Vocation Necklace

Vocation Necklace

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May the work of your hands be the work of your heart.
I made my first hand necklace five years ago right around the time I began using the cross symbol in my work. I wanted a daily reminder I could wear that represented the idea of having a divine calling, a vocation, a dedicated station in my life. My original design was directly influenced by Catholic iconography. It depicted an open hand holding an anatomical heart. When a friend saw me wearing it, she claimed it. I made another for myself. Another friend claimed it. And so on and so forth. I made myself that necklace six times and every time it was claimed by someone who needed it more than I did.

My new Vocation Necklace design depicts my square cross in the palm of a sterling hand. All my trademark textures give this piece a wonderful, old timey feel.

As you wear this necklace, my prayer for you is that you might discover your gifts and talents and find a way to use them in a manner that serves humanity, the people you love, and your own soul...and that you would move through life with a heart that is courageous and charitable and full of peace.
Chain Length: 18 inches with an s-clasp closure.

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