Spirit Earrings
Spirit Earrings
Spirit Earrings
Spirit Earrings

Spirit Earrings

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"We are not separate from spirit, we are in it." [Plotinus]

There always seems to be a new iteration for these sterling birds of mine, I do, after all, live in the kingdom of birds here on Idaho's beloved Snake River. And so, here they are again in a more ornate design featuring the square cross symbol I hold so dearly, beautiful banded cuts of pink Botswana agate and wide winged birds stalled out on the high desert winds.

Many tiny pieces go into the making of these earrings and the result is like something you might dig up in a Santa Fe antique shop. There's something mildly mystical about this design. I always try to create an aged patina because I want my work to look as though it has lived a wild life before coming to you, as though it has already passed through the lives of a few generations of women before landing in your own life and creating a story with you. These earrings have that old soul look I'm hellbent on and they move splendidly, an attribute I always try to intentionally create within my earring designs.

I've done my best to keep these earrings as light as possible without sacrificing quality but they still have some heft to them.

Length: About 3.75 inches in length with hand formed and forged french ear wires.

+Built To Last+
+Made With Love+
+Of The West+