PRE-ORDER -- Observaton Bracelet
PRE-ORDER -- Observaton Bracelet
PRE-ORDER -- Observaton Bracelet
PRE-ORDER -- Observaton Bracelet
PRE-ORDER -- Observaton Bracelet
PRE-ORDER -- Observaton Bracelet

PRE-ORDER -- Observaton Bracelet

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I am offering PRE-ORDERS on this bracelet for folks who wanted one but missed out on the first batch.  This pre-order window will remain open until June 7th and orders will ship out on June 25th.  Please contact me with any questions you may have.


I was out riding my horse one day when I came across a dead coyote.  I dismounted to take a good look at him.  I took note of his beautiful fur, the teeth that poked out from beneath a sun-curled lip and his tidy little feet.  I hopped back on my horse and off we rode.  It was a beautiful evening.

I kept returning to that dead coyote over a span of 10 months, every time I rode a horse in that direction down in the canyon.  I watched as he slowly returned to the earth, noting the changes that occurred over time.  Eventually the bugs, sun and wind put a hole in the side of his leathery skin and one by one, his rib bones were cleaned and bleached white by the elements.  One day, I dismounted again, and I reached down into the hole in his side and pulled one of those ribs free, put it in my saddle bag and rode home with it.

This is that rib cast in solid sterling silver, carefully formed so it can be worn wrapped around a wrist.

I guess I wanted to have something to remember that coyote by.  I wound up being in relationship with him and he taught me so much about time, the elements, physical bodies and the ecosystem I live in...this bracelet is an expression of my gratitude to him for all he taught me though simple observation over a wink in geological time.

Thanks, Coyote.


This bracelet goes on like a cuff but WEARS like a bangle -- loose and elegant with a nice amount of orbit, depending on your wrist size.  I really like how this piece wears, it has a gorgeous weight to it.

This bracelet is NOT adjustable and it comes in one size because the length of the rib cannot be altered -- it is what it is!  You can warm it up with your body heat and very very very VERY gently open the gap very slightly before you slip it on BUT I do not recommend you do this more than once.  Opening it and crushing it shut over your wrist will damage it over time -- no cuff or bracelet should be treated this way.  A bracelet either fits or it doesn't.  Please do not mistreat your jewelry!

SIZE:  This bracelet is shown on a wrist with a 5.75 inch circumference.  It is best suited for a wrist that measures between 5.75 inches and 6.5 inches in circumference any wrists that measure a larger or smaller circumference than this will have to sit this one out.  Sorry!

Inside measurement: 6 inches around with a 1 inch gap.

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