One Tree Ring
One Tree Ring

One Tree Ring

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I've always adored dendritic agates.  To me they speak of the repeating pattern we find in our branching blood vessels and arteries, in the braids of the rivers, in the roots of the plants that nourish us and the uplifted branches of the one tree that dares to grow from the crumble of dark basalt here in Idaho's wild and inhospitable canyon country.


The One Tree Ring is built of a dreamscape slice of dendritic agate set simply in heavy sterling silver atop a hand fabricated band.  Simple elegance like only nature knows how.

This ring measures a US Ring Size 7 but it fits my size 6.5 finger very wonderfully.  So please look for a snugger fit that this ring measures.

+Built To Last+

+Made With Love+

+Of The West+