Green Thumb Earrings
Green Thumb Earrings
Green Thumb Earrings

Green Thumb Earrings

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For the gals who constantly garden, who live with dirt beneath their nails, who believe in the sacredness of food, who respect the life force of parsley and carrots, who talk to their houseplants, who force the amaryllis and paperwhite bulbs in the dark of winter, who believe in making the world a more beautiful place...inch by inch.


I planted a few climbing roses at our old farmhouse in Pocatello and before we left that home and moved on with our lives I collected some of the giant thorns from the greatest climber -- a true supernova of a rose that bloomed prolifically with champagne hued blossoms ALL SUMMER LONG!!! These are those thorns cast in sterling silver -- textural, delicate, lightweight and full of motion.  These are wonderful everyday earrings.

Length:  About 1.75 inches with hand formed and forged french ear wires.

+Built To Last+

+Made With Love+

+Of The West+