First Light Earrings
First Light Earrings

First Light Earrings

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Bull elk stepping out of the timber to feed at first light.


Created with deep reverence for the animal that sustains my family.  Thank you, wapiti. You are a gift.

Sterling silver, three layers deep.  

These earrings are simple and somehow ornate, simultaneously.  Despite being just shy of 1.5 inches long, they have a really beautiful weight to them.  The saw work that goes into this design is meticulous and exhausting -- very hard on my dominant arm.  I made as many as I could and then my tendonitis started twanging and my body called out for rest!!!  Catch them while you can.

Crafted for the queens of the West (and all the ladies out East who yearn for the West, too).  Wear them well and make me proud.

+Built To Last+
+Made With Love+
+Of The West+