Eat The Bear Necklace
Eat The Bear Necklace
Eat The Bear Necklace
Eat The Bear Necklace

Eat The Bear Necklace

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I was fishing one day about six years ago (or more???) and found myself daydreaming about the fish rising up out of the water to eat the bears -- to consume their troubles, to gobble them up whole!  And so this series depicting the bear in the belly of the trout was born.  I had a lot going on at the time.  I had a long, drawn-out "single white female" situation with another smokejumper wife that was extremely creepy, a permanent part of my social life and very isolating for me since we were living on base half the year.  I had another individual turn into a malicious stalker who did terrible, awful, ruinous things to me over a span of 2.5 years -- the situation finally fizzled out with the help of law enforcement.  Both those situations changed how I interacted with people -- I felt safe when I was alone.  I quit trusting others.  I grew very sick with an autoimmune disease that I continue to carefully manage to this very day.  

Those times redefined the word "friend" for me and redefined many of my friendships.  I let a lot of people go.  Those times tore me down and rebuilt me.  I learned how to be a good friend, a better human, and eventually, I learned to trust again.  I'm glad to take a second stab at this design, to build these necklaces as a human who was delivered from her troubles and reformed into a new and better vessel for light, joy and hope.



Heavily textured and layered sterling depicting a bear in the belly of trout.  A piece to remind you to take heart and to live with courage.  You will survive and you will thrive.

Chain length:  18 inches with my s-clasp.

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