Chukar Eternal Necklace
Chukar Eternal Necklace
Chukar Eternal Necklace
Chukar Eternal Necklace

Chukar Eternal Necklace

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If you ever wanted a simple yet elegant piece of jewelry that is truly of the West, this is it.

The wishbone you see here is actually a wishbone from a chukar (which is a type of partridge) that our dogs hunted by scent, pointed, Rob or I flushed and shot on the wing so we could eat it — most of you know if Robert and I consume meat is is almost exclusively wild, meat we have gone out and worked hard for the chance to harvest from our public lands in Idaho.

The spirit of the chukar is one of resilience, strength and endurance but he also has a heck of a sense of humor. My own spirit I attach to all the work I craft is one of independence, joy, curiosity, persistence, intensity, whimsy and perhaps a pinch of “devil may care”. I can feel all of these things in this little sterling bone. It’s simply beautiful.

This necklace is lovely on. The curves of this wishbone echo the curves of my own wishbone, also known as the clavicle in the human body. This piece is of the West -- of the wind, the sage, the spring creeks, the lava flow, the river, the snow, the lichen on the canyon walls, the clear blue sky, the squall, the very heartbeat of Idaho and my own heartbeat too, since this is as much my habitat as it is the habitat of the elk, mountain lion or chukar.

Wear it and let your spirit draw near to the spaces that make the West the West.


Pendant length: 1.75 inches
Chain length: 30 romantic inches

+ Built To Last+
+Made With Love+
+Of The West+