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Brio Ring

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What really caught my heart is his brio — his pride, his willingness to work, the way he digs deeper when he’s tired, his fire, the way I feel his very cells twanging with electricity when we pass through the sage along the canyon rim. Resero is a fine, fine horse, powerful and elegant, sweet and shy. I still pinch myself each day, I can hardly believe he’s mine.

Here is that wonderful horse of mine in deeply layered, heavy gauge sterling silver, 22k gold and old old OLDDDDD hand carved deadstock American turquoise -- for any gal who ever loved the beautiful things with four fast hooves.

This design is eccentric, dynamic and entirely inspired by my life. I know you'll wear it well.

Size: This ring measures a US ring size 6.5 on a mandrel and fits about a half size smaller than it measures.

+Built To Last+
+Made With Love+
+Of The West+

NOTE: These turquoise crosses are hand cut and are rugged little things with heaps of character. They are uneven in every direction and they tend to vary in thickness throughout the cut -- they are not even remotely flat, not on EITHER side which makes them incredibly difficult to bezel set. I find their ruggedness charming and they are a true test of my patience and self-control when I sit down to set them. If you're looking for 100% perfect bezels with these stones you'll find I got as close as possible to perfection. The settings are a direct reflection of the character of the stones. :)