Alpha Earrings -- Small Shields
Alpha Earrings -- Small Shields
Alpha Earrings -- Small Shields

Alpha Earrings -- Small Shields

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Last October, at elk camp, Robbie and I were sleeping and the fire in the stove had gone out and the tipi walls were rustling in the night wind and the tip of my nose was cold and I was exhausted but awake and a wolf pack started up.  All around the meadow we were camped in I heard their voices ring out against the starshine.  It was beautiful music but the horses were going berserkers on the highline and before we unzipped our sleeping bags and crawled out of our tipi to go and check on our beasts of burden and all our knots, I thought to myself, "I need a little wolf to hang around my neck..."

Well time has passed and I've made plenty of little wolf necklaces so I've branched out into wolf earrings.  I love this motif and find it creeping into so much of my work lately.


I call this style of earring "SHIELDS".  They wear at an angle that frames the face.  I've always loved this style of earring.  This design features my wolf running under neugold (jeweler's brass) full moon.  Plenty of grace and grit here.

Length:  About 1.5 inches in length with a latched ear wire.

Weight:  11.1 grams each -- please note this is a medium weight earring.  Ladies with sensitive lobes might consider passing on this earring.

See deep, hear far, run fast, keep your pack in order.

+Built To Last+
+Made With Love+
+Of The West+